Product activation promos for McDonald's new Mac Jr. & Grand Mac in select markets.

Print, Interactive, Social Media and Live Event campaign design and activations.

Illustrated notebook cover and education related McDonald's campaigns.

Event production and marketing.

McD x Texas Rangers
In game promotion activation.



My name is Marcus Willis and I am a designer based in Dallas, Texas.  I am currently open for new projects and collaborative opportunities.

I’ve had the privilege of contributing my expertise in creative direction, design, and development across various industries, navigating the shift from traditional print media to the dynamic landscape of the current interactive revolution. My academic journey led me through esteemed institutions such as The Atlanta College of Art, Yorkshire Coast College in England, and culminated in the attainment of a Fine Art BA from Mississippi State University.

Presently based in Dallas, Texas, my professional trajectory includes collaborations with a diverse array of clients, ranging from US Congressmen to The Department of Homeland Security, ad agencies, award-winning design firms, professional athletes, and major sports teams in NBA, NFL, MLB. I have also worked with Fortune 500 entities and private businesses.

Beyond my creative endeavors, I hold a significant role as a partner in the longest-running Super Bowl event. Over the past 7 years, I have spearheaded event design, production, sponsor relationships, and logistics, contributing to the success of each Super Bowl experience.

Driven by a fusion of art, data, and production, I’ve carved a distinctive path at the forefront of new media’s emergence into the mainstream. Currently, as the proprietor of my own design company, I collaborate with organizations aiming to establish a strong presence through strategic use of earned, owned, and paid media channels.

Web Design & Development

Crafting visually appealing and functionally robust websites tailored to meet the unique needs of clients and users.

Digital marketing

Implementing strategic online marketing campaigns, leveraging various channels and tools to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Mobile apps

Designing and developing mobile applications that offer seamless user experiences and innovative solutions for a range of platforms.


Building and optimizing online shopping platforms to facilitate secure transactions, enhance user experience, and maximize business growth.

Brand management

Strategically overseeing and curating the perception of a brand, ensuring consistency and resonance across all touchpoints.


Providing reliable and secure hosting solutions, ensuring optimal website performance, uptime, and data protection for seamless online experiences.

Here are a few of the companies and brands I've worked with.